Yomis Reflection

Platform: Windows

A 2D stealth prototype fuelled by Japanese folklore

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Relive the knightly adventure, and daring tale of Prince Yamato Take as you discover what it truly feels to be the prodigal second son of Emperor Keiko. Utilise silence, agility, and cunning as you explore a gorgeous universe brought to life through kabuki theatre and Japanese legends, all as you creatively eliminate your targets and explore the world through devious strategy, tactical stealth, and adrenaline pumping demon-fused combat.

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Yomi's Reflection was the first project I worked on from start to finish by myself, and I learned a lot along this adventure. Instead of summarising what my contribution was, I'll instead describe some of the processes, showing documents and design as I went along. The game is free to try from the link above, and I hope you give it a go despite its appearance to see how far I've improved over the years.

Created using ClickTeam Fusion, this was my second prolonged project after Solmec: Hollow Planet, following the story of Prince Yamato Take, a popular Japanese folklore that sparked numerous ideas for games.

Through the project, I spent time designing and creating interesting tools that the player can further experiment with. This included eventually creating my own custom physics engine allowing for elements such as rigid movement, custom air control, wall climbing/jumping, ledge grabbing, grappling hooks, and an interesting dark/night mechanic that allowed for more demon-infused abilities to appear when the sun went down. However, in order to take these ideas from within my head to an outlet I could playtest, I worked on creating a one-page game design document with a core loop to plan out each game moment, deciding to then start prototyping these mechanics.

I also worked on creating an aesthetically pleasing layout, despite using pre-created assets, I emulated a 3D world by having 3 layers that the player can slip in and out of at any time. This allowed the world, which would usually be a tightly packed 2D plane, to feel expansive, and allowed me to further play with the more distinct mechanics. This was the first project I worked on solo, and it helped expand my Technical and Game Design abilities to segue my work into Unity and C#.

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