The Throne

Platform: Itch.Io

A geopolitical narrative-management game.

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Command the realms as the newly inaugurated crown through the onslaught of demands amidst your ill-fated throne as you influence, resolve, and strategically develop your monarchy.

This project is in early access.

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The world of The Throne takes direct inspiration from my previous work, Procedural Artificial Intelligence, and shows its progression into a more polished game.

The Throne is set in a medieval environment with creatures and races inspired by classic fantasy literature. The core gameplay likewise focuses around this worlds politics, the blend of magic and realism creating exciting narrative moments whilst remaining imbedded with dark consequences and realistic exploration of player morality.

The primary progression within The Throne revolves around the players ability to develop and spread their control, the method of which depending entirely on their distinct playstyles - whether through war, political manipulation, or economic destruction.

As players improve and master the games systems and many designs, their ability to efficiently influence the environment becomes more and more refined. However, the player must be careful as allies can always switch sides, those seeking their own personal gains seeing each choice made against their interest and thus seek to snuff it out.

As mentioned, this project is still early in development and will continue recieving regular updates. If you wish to experience its current state click the link posted at the top of this page.

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