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A minimalistic strategy town builder

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A minimalist strategy town builder with randomly generated worlds and a simple yet addicting game loops. There is no win condition, simply expand until you no longer can.

Tavvnsgard is a simple game I created by joining a variety of systems I had created prior into one polished experience, the idea being to utilise each of my blog posts and join them into a product that could not only show them off, but was likewise enjoyable to play.

The player has two core gameplay loops, Items, and Cards

Items are simple, you receive some at the end of every day and you can drag them into your equipment panel to equip. Gold is the universal currency and automatically gets consumed once you use a card, so it’s all about smart inventory management.

Cards get drawn every 15 seconds, and you receive random ones at the end of every day. The player can then click and drag the cards onto the world to create a building, receiving more items, gold, and cards the following day.

There's not really much more to say about this project, if you would like to read about how I implemented each of these mechanics you can do so at my blog.

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