Star Opera: Desolate Frontiers

A Turn-Based Duelling Simulator with Dramatic Taunting Abilities!

Star Opera: Desolate Frontiers is a sci-fi turn-based competitive fighting game for two players made in 48 hours for The Time Jam. Utilising an experimental fighting style with turn-based strategy to create a unique synthesis, we captured the emulated feel of drama within the duels of Star Wars.

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More About The Project

Release: 2018

Studio: Team Pengala

Platform: Windows + Mac

Skill Focus: Programming, Technical and System Design

Engine and Tools: Unity 2D/3D and C#

Team Size: 4 People

Time Spent on Project: 48 Hours - The Time Jam

Summary of Contribution

Created using Unity 2D/3D under a stressful time crunch, I was the Lead Programmer and Technical Designer on this short project. Being heavily involved in both the conceptual design involving the core idea, character design and overall aesthetic, to the technical design varying from the front-end of the turn-based combat to the mechanical and numerical turn-based strategy balancing, I worked closely with the Lead Designer, primarily due to it being my first time creating and implementing such a complex system.

Throughout the project I was the only Programmer, creating and implementing an RPG turn-based system from scratch, taking ideas on paper as we mapped out all the various interactions and dynamics, before rapidly prototyping them to test if their design could work, turning them into fully envisioned game features through these 48 hours. Features such as time reversal, a dynamic taunting system with dramatic cross-interactions, to more quality of life elements such as UI and flashy camera movements.

Despite this project starting out as a simple fun project between four peers, I was incredibly proud of the final product, still to this day using it to settle disputes between Team Pengala.

I also craved the peaceful melody of sleep for the entire 48 hours.

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