Star Opera: Desolate Frontiers

Platform: Itch.Io

A turn-based duelling Simulator with dramatic taunting abilities

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Master an experimental star-wars inspired combat style with turn-based strategy and dramatic taunting, challenge your friends to duel it out in this sci-fi competitive fighting game.

Created using Unity under a stressful time-crunch for the Time Jam, this small project allowed my team and I to flex our creative muscles whilst working on Abtohka.

This project was made together from start to finish, each member being there for the conceptual design involving the core idea, character design and their aesthetics, to the technical design and the turn-based combat system. However, as team members started getting more concrete roles and splitting off, I worked as sole programmer and numerical designer through the rest of the project, implementing features such as time reversal, a dynamic taunting system with dramatic cross-interactions, to more quality of life elements such as UI and flashy camera movements, and much to our suprise we somehow managed to implement every last mechanic we came up with at the start.

Unfortunately, as this was a Game Jam, most of my notes and thoughts remain as unintelligible scribbles on the wall, however, the duration of the project was a huge amount of fun, and even to this day Team Pengala uses this game to settle disputes between each other.

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