Solus Overrun

A 3D Stealth Platformer with a "Transmitted" Theme...

Solus Overrun is a 3D Stealth Platformer where the player transmits his soul into living beings in order to control them, completing puzzles, and advancing verses threatening opponents in order to free the very person who gave him these powers; Solus.

Solus Image
Solus Image
Solus Image
Solus Image


More About The Project

Release: 2018

Studio: Friday Night Tacos

Platform: Windows

Skill Focus: Programming, Technical and Level Design

Engine and Tools: Unity 3D

Team Size: 5 People

Time Spent on Project: 48 Hours - The Global Game Jam

Summary of Contribution

A practice Game Jam I took part in with my 2018 Octopus 8 Team, I was Peer-Programmer and Technical Designer on this short project.

Using Unity 3D, one of the first instances where I felt comfortable enough to embrace this Engine, we started by prototyping various ideas. As I was the secondary Programmer, I also took the job of Level Design, constructing the Level through both its paper-prototype to its later digital build (as seen on Screenshot Two) once finishing the set of tasks assigned to me.

Throughout the design phase, many challenges arose as it was my first time creating a 3D stealth game, the overall layout of the map as well as each instance of the enemies and obstacles turned out to feel quite finicky, a vital mistake in a genre where restarting numerous times can feel incredibly punishing, and I didn't quite feel like I captured the true essence of the level.

However, taking what I learnt from this project I went ahead to create Abtohka: Kingdoms of Despair, a noticeable improvement in both Design and Mechanics for a similar genre.

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