Solmec: Hollow Planet

Platform: Steam

A puzzle adventure game with branching level design

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Take on the role of a wandering alchemist settling into a new laboratory and fulfilling the needs of your local town by completing orders. Your creativity and ingenuity will be key to discovering new and fascinating ways of completing these requests.

Through these 3 months, I worked as Junior Designer and Programmer for the first time alongside a team, prototyping, developing and eventually creating the game through ClickTeam Fusion - a visual programming language used to create 2D games that we were all familiar with.

Despite this project not being as technically or visually impressive as the rest of my work, it taught me to value the importance of attention-to-detail particularly in smaller teams, focusing on direct and clear game loops to create an enjoyable polished experience rather than bloated and long products.

When not working in-engine to implement the games many mechanics and narrative, I was collaborating with my Lead Designer to construct an interconnected Metroidvanian world through multi-dimensional puzzle design; iterating through both physical and digital prototypes to perfect the flow of the game.

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