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Solmec: Hollow Planet

Summer 2017

An Adventure Puzzle Game with a heavy Narrative focus.

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An adventure game where you play as Soledad, a lone Solmec warrior exploring an ancient, lost planet trying to find a cure for the Rot that is killing the Ankazil – spacefaring beasts that are home to the Solmec.
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More about the Project

Release: 2017

Studio: Octopus 8

Platform: Windows + Mac

Skill Focus: Programming, Technical and System Design, Level Design

Engine and Tools: Clickteam Fusion

Team Size: 4 People

Time Spent on Project: 3 Months

Summary of Contribution

Through these 3 months, I worked as the Lead Programmer and Technical Designer for the first time alongside a team, prototyping, developing and eventually creating the game through ClickTeam Fusion, a fast prototyping tool that I worked with extensively over the year, allowing for fast and efficient prototypes to be created and presented instantly (later being replaced by Unity).

This project challenged my technical and design abilities to the fullest, implementing an interwoven Metroidvania world through intricate map-pathing, inter-crossing puzzles, and tightly constructed quest flow through co-operative design, producing physical and digital prototypes throughout, and as the idea evolved, it taught me the importance of good paper and digital prototyping.

As the game started coming together, I started peer-designing the games many numerical and program orientated obstacles, creating my own custom controllers and physics engine, tools further assisting the level of freedom within the world.

The skills learnt from this project helped shape Yomis Reflection, the second and last game I created in ClickTeam Fusion, and allowed my abilities to segue into using Unity for larger more ambitious games.


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