The Last Stand

An Atmospheric 3D Modelled Environment based on Bloodborne and RDR2!

Here lie whispers in the wind of a storm that flew in and ravaged all. An abandoned interior of a house is all that remains. Rumours say adversaries on their journey to the after-life meet once more, both guns itching, for one Last Stand.
3D modelled and designed to resemble a western horror games aesthetics.

Last Stand Image
Last Stand Image
Last Stand Image
Last Stand Image


More About The Project

Release: 2018

Skill Focus: 3D Modelling, Level Design, Visual Design, Animation

Engine and Tools: Maya and ZBrush

Team Size: 1 Person

Time Spent on Project: 1 Month

Summary of Contribution

Constructing a narrative based on my favourite games at the time, I decided to create a 3D model for a scene utilising those themes. I started by modelling each object in Maya, using ZBrush to sculpt more complex organic details.

During this time, I also went out and took numerous photos of these objects as references, editing them in Photoshop thereafter to create realistic high-definition textures, as well as using them to both perfect perspectives and feel.

Lastly I created custom lighting and sun simulation to capture the feeling of the environment.

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