Hobgoblins & Harmony

Platform: Itch.Io

An online two-person story card game

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Set foot into this mystical fantasy world as you work together with your friends to overcome monsters, isolation, and external & internal conflicts – building friendships one card at a time.

Emotion is the centre of the game design process, it's what we try to evoke with each player decision - that bond being nourished through feeding their magic circle.

Hobgoblins and Harmony is a small project made during my post-graduate studies to explore certain emotions a peer and I were both experiencing. This was a tough time for all and the inability to make new friends made it even harder, however, by seeking out and teaming up with someone on the MA, we were both able to pour those feelings into the best medium we had - video-games.

As players advance within the game-world, they will notice the setting progress from traditional, archetypal fantasy to something embedded in real life. This progression aims to uncover concepts such as escapism and the gamification of real life, exploring how they relate to coping mechanisms and video games.

The game is roughly an hour long and requires a partner with another machine to play along with, but with a local saving and loading system it can be picked up and finished at whichever pace both players prefer.

All technical aspects in this game was made by me and the art by my peer, however, the design and writing was incredibly collaborative and I hope you enjoy the experience and feel attached to each character and choice you make.

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