I have two games available to the public and purchasable through both Steam and/or Itch.io as part of Octopus 8 Studios, with another being released by Team Pengala, an Indie studio created by 4 like-minded developers.

Work in Progress

Coming Soon

Abtohka: Kingdoms of Despair

Summer 2019

A Dark Fantasy, 2D Action/Adventure, Puzzle Game.

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Alchemists Compendium

Summer 2018

An Open World Sandbox that Rewards Creativity and Ingenuity.

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Solmec: Hollow Planet

Summer 2017

An Adventure Puzzle Game with Heavy Narrative Focus.

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What is Octopus 8 Studios

Octopus 8 Studios is a team of industry professionals working with teams to produce and publish their work. The studio is founded on the principle of fairness to all involved in every project.

Both Solmec: Hollow Planet and Alchemists Compendium have been developed and published through Octopus 8 Studios.

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