Chasm Clicker

Platform: Itch.Io

An incremental strategy idle game inspired by Auto Chess

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The year is 2020 billion - resources are gone and Earth is a broken husk of what it used to be. Gather all you have left and travel to another Planet as you click, click, click away into new riches within this incremental idle strategy game.

Chasm Clicker places the player into the role of a small entrepreneur looking to make their riches on this untouched land. It explores a couple of sensitive issues disguised with light-hearted humour and a simple game loop - how far are you willing to go to optimise your workflow and see those numbers continue rising.

Project Features

A barren wasteland filled to the brim with vulnerable resources and even more vulnerable organisms ready to be infiltrated, salvaged, and optimised.

Expand your arsenal of tools as you automate your workflow and increase your income to cover the land in machinery and graves, I mean victory spots!

An infinitely scaling game world through multipliers and numerical bonuses to constantly keep the challenge alive.

Gain Gold and upgrades even when you’re offline. Come back anytime to see your progress!

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