Cardboard Bushi

A Real-Life PVP Experience using Imaginative Play and the Makey Makey!

Utilising the power of imaginative play and the Makey Makey, engage in real-time, real-life, two player PvP action alongside your peers, or take it outside and immerse yourself in your very own programmed encounters.

[Disclaimer: This project is by far my most "wacky" and does not represent the rest of my work accurately]

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More About The Project

Release: 2018

Studio: Team Royalty

Platform: Real-Life

Skill Focus: Problem Solving, Ingenuity, Creativity

Engine and Tools: Makey Makey, Real-Life (+ Cardboard)

Team Size: 3 People

Time Spent on Project: 1 Month

Summary of Contribution

Using the Makey Makey, a bunch of cardboard, and a glue gun, the hardest task came from creating an idea that utilised this simplistic hardware appropriately and creatively. Fuelled by the desire to fully understand the Makey Makeys technology and push the concept of interconnected player interaction, we delved into utilising said interaction without the need to be "grounded*", allowing a level of player transferability and potentially even manoeuvrability that the technology otherwise did not possess.

Most of the design from here on out was heavily inspired by LARPing, and we eventually created a physical armour that can be adorned and interacted with, allowing its player to move around freely by holding a laptop in their backpack (as portrayed on the poster).

This was, overall, an interesting design experience, developing a product that prioritised creativity and fun over its technology and I believe we managed to come up with something that explored past those boundaries and limitations.

Grounded* = In order to use the Makey Makey one first needs to be firmly on the ground whilst touching the device, they can then interact with it by using the other hand, with the electrical current travelling through their body. We replaced this by having the Swords hilt be the players ground-point, and the opposing hitboxes to be lined with a conductive material that connects upon being hit.

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