Alchemists Compendium

An Open World Sandbox that Rewards Creativity and Ingenuity!

Take on the role of a wandering alchemist settling into a new laboratory and fulfil the needs of your local town by completing orders. Your creativity and ingenuity will be key to discovering new and fascinating ways of completing these requests.

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More About The Project

Release: Summer 2018

Studio: Octopus 8

Platform: Windows + VR

Skill Focus: Peer-Programming, Technical and Level Design, Numerical Design

Engine and Tools: Unity 3D, Python and JSON

Team Size: 8 People

Time Spent on Project: 3 Months

Summary of Contribution

Working as Technical Designer and Peer-Programmer, Alchemists Compendium was developed and created using Unity 3D, exercising industry development methodologies such as Agile and Scrum whilst using GitHub to assist with peer-programming, working closely with the Lead Designer all the meanwhile, the end product contains more than meets the eye.

Throughout its development, and as more dynamic values arose, I managed to delve deep within numerical practices, implementing dynamic dependent systems such as systematic weather to infinite numerical alchemical interactions that keep up with the games many values and processes, updating the many numbers of each item as they get combined, burnt, and adapted by the player.

Likewise, as an idea evolves, so does Alchemists Compendium, re-iterating itself numerous times as entire systems and mechanics had to be scrapped and redone, eventually settling at an extensively optimised project functional for both VR and keyboard play, allowing for players to become immersed within this environment in numerous ways, most of which depended upon my ability to adapt and implement these new features within a small timebox.

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