Alchemists Compendium

Platform: Itch.Io

An open world sandbox game that rewards creativity

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Take on the role of a wandering alchemist settling into a new laboratory and fulfilling the needs of your local town by completing orders. Your creativity and ingenuity will be key to discovering new and fascinating ways of completing these requests.

Working as Technical Designer and Peer-Programmer, Alchemists Compendium was developed and created using Unity over roughly 5 months.

Throughout its development, and as more dynamic values arose, I managed to delve deep within its numerical and dynamic dependent systems such as infinite numerical alchemical interactions to algorithmic text and quest generation. Alchemists Compendium had a slightly distinct crafting system, no set-recipe existing for any one product, instead, players can mix, extract, crush, and boil from a selection of dozens of ingredients to create a variety of unique bonuses and effects.

Name Tags Base
Rose Seed Healing (earth), Healing (water), Perfume, Alcohol, Seed, Dye 7
Monkshood Seed Poison (air), Poison (fire), Perishable, Volatile, Seed 18
Grapes Seed Healing (air), Poison (water), Explosive, Corrosive, Seed, Dye -3
Lavender Seed Healing (fire), Healing (earth), Perfume, Seed, Dye 5

To break it down simply, each item had set values that when pushed through one of the many alchemical processes returns new tags, and the game is all about figuring how these numbers impact the procedurally generated quests.

This project remains one of the most challenging I've worked on, the jump from a team of 3 to 8 being no small feat, however, being able to collaborate and work closely with everyone as branch master reminded me why I truly love this field of study.

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