Abtohka: Kingdoms of Despair

A Dark Fantasy, 2D Action/Adventure, Puzzle Game!

Embark through the ruins of fallen fantasy civilisations, slip through the cracks of time and reactivate an ancient device that will change the past forever. Swap between four distinct characters as they each carry their own burdens, yet strive to work together, in Abtohka: Kingdoms of Despair.

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Abtohka Image
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More About The Project

Release: 2019

Studio: Team Pengala

Platform: Windows + Mac (+Controller)

Skill Focus: Programming, Technical and System Design, Level and Puzzle Design

Engine and Tools: Unity, C# and Json

Team Size: 4 People

Time Spent on Project: 6 Months (+)

Summary of Contribution

Designed and Developed over a 6 month period, Abtohka was a passion project of four like-minded individuals, with my role as Lead Programmer and Technical Designer. Exploring 2D A* pathfinding, complex 2D behavioural trees, and dynamic puzzle design, Abtohka boasts an atmosphere further exemplified by its rich realistic characters and game world.

Throughout its design, and later in its development process, I took charge to bring these characters to life by prototyping their many abilities, interactions, and ways in which they behave within the world, various prototypes and features entering numerous reiterations. When controlling one character within Abtohka, the other three can follow, attack, and even investigate the environment by their own accord. These distinct personalities further added to the level of realism within the world and allowed us to explore more complex puzzle designs whilst allowing me to explore AI at my own pace.

When delving deeper into Abtohkas world, the puzzles and levels that allow the travellers to bring out their many behaviour quirks further exemplify these distinct abilities and personalities. Constructing a tightly woven tutorial alongside our Lead Designer that shows these numerous abilities in a way that allows the player to fully immerse themselves within the world, whilst allowing them moments to breathe and familiarise themselves with each character as they descend down this whimsical dark fantasy world.

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