Published Games

Over the years I've worked within various studio environments to publish these games. If you would like to see more check out my other projects or read more about my process on my blog.

Other Projects

A collection of my best prototypes, experiments, and game jams. If you would like to see my more polished projects visit my published games or read more about my process on my blog.

Game Development Blog

Below is an up-to-date collection of my techniques, tutorials, and thought process over the years - ranging from code breakdowns to theory and design. If you would like to see these tips in action check out my published games or other projects.

[individual blog posts are currently being updated with more soon to follow]

I'm Mark, a recent graduate from Goldsmiths University, previously at Brunel studying Technical Design, with a Computer Games Programming MSc and two First-Class Honours.

As I've become more confident in making games, I've learnt to value ideas that lend themselves to teamwork, creativity, and passion, each developer’s perspective producing a distinct and memorable player experience. During my time at university I likewise studied modules ranging from dynamic dependant numerical systems to designing and programming artificial intelligence in games.

In addition to playing and making games, I also love getting lost in various fantasy worlds, my current journey leading me into the wonderful world of Terry Pratchett and his suprisingly down to earth pal Death.

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